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Patrick Augé Shihan

Patrick Augé
Patrick Augé Sensei Shihan
(born on July 18, 1947, Rennes, France)

8th dan Yoseikan Aikido, Shihan.

Technical director of the Yoseikan Budo International Federation for North America.

Patrick Auge Sensei began training in Judo in 1962 in France, and later trained in Karate and Aikido with a student of Hiroo Mochizuki. He was active as a Judo competitor until 1970 after which he lived for seven years as the uchideshi of Master Minoru Mochizuki. Patrick Augé Sensei was named the representative of Yoseikan Budo Aikido for North America in 1977. He then founded multiple dojos in the region of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) with his wife, Kaoru Sugiyama Sensei. He is currently in Los Angeles developing Yoseikan Budo and regularly travels between Canada, the United States and Japan.

Patrick Augé Sensei

Patrick Augé Sensei

Patrick Augé Sensei

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